Spatial Perception. Evolution of a Medieval Settlement, Galata (Pera)

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Özyeğin University, Department of Architecture
Interrupted city seminars #5
Spatial Perception. Evolution of a Medieval Settlement, Galata (Pera)
Monday May 6th 2019
Özyeğin University, Istanbul
Room AB3-342
ARCH 202B – Architecture design studio 3
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Alessandro Camiz
Organisation: Özge Özkuvanci
The Genoese colony in Galata was thoroughly studied within several researches about its built heritage and spatial transformations. Most mapping attempts failed to place correctly some urban and architectural elements by matching the numerous primary sources and physical consistence of the urban settlement. Therein, radical spatial transformations occurred after the imperial edict of May 1303, and the following concession of March 1304. Both texts are analysed for an accurate cartographic reconstruction, and a slab dated 1316 is consequently interpreted. The Genoese expansion towards the eastern part of Galata was determined by two imperial concessions in May 1352 and August 1376. Nevertheless, when all the available resources are considered within an interdisciplinary approach, it is possible to clearly describe the main urban phases of the growing colony, including the forgotten remnants of Galata’s walls.
Dr. Hasan Sercan Sağlam was born in 1990. He completed his BSc on Urban and Regional Planning in Istanbul Technical University (2007-2011). He did his MA on Conservation and Regeneration in the University of Sheffield (2012-2013). He received his PhD degree from the Politecnico di Milano (2014-2018).