interrupted city # 3 Dividing and connecting




interrupted city




XXVIII International Seminar and Award for Architecture and Urban Culture, THE NEW ARCHITECTURE, University of Camerino, Auditorium Benedetto XIII, Friday August 3rd 2018, 22.00

#3 Dividing and connecting

Talk with: Tom Rankin, Alessandro Camiz, Renato Capozzi, Giorgio Verdiani and Carlo Cellamare

With the Patrociny of “Storia della Città”

and of the Association for Historical Dialogue and Research- AHDR


Interrupted city is an itinerating seminar aimed to the study of new contact points across the divide of Nicosia, Cyprus. It represents a possible dialogue with the new potentials related to the crossing of the Buffer Zone, by rethinking the role of the checkpoints. This research affirms the temporary sense of separation and investigates the tools to identify dynamic and evolutionary factors, overcoming the present condition of the interrupted city. Interrupted city is therefore an opportunity to carry out this research and support, through the most diverse contributions, the preparation of an international workshop to be held in the summer 2019 by stimulating new approaches and collecting materials to develop new projects.